Why is My AC Blowing Warm Air in Springfield, MO? Low Refrigerant, Dirty Coils, Electrical Problems & More

You want to be able to go home and enjoy your space. That means you need to have a temperature controlled area that is either warmed up or cooled off. The temperature in the house will depend on the weather outside. If it is hot and the middle of summer then you want to have your home cooled down, That means that you have to use your air conditioning unit. When you start to have trouble with your air conditioning unit you want to make sure that you know what the problem could be. That cause of the AC blowing warm air instead of cold air can be several things. Each of them will be a problem that you want to have a technician out to look at and make the repair. Hynes Heating & Cooling outlines what could be causing your AC to blow warm air.

Low Refrigerant in Central Air Conditioner

One of the reasons your AC is not blowing cold air could be due to low refrigerant. The coolant is not like oil in a car engine that needs to be replaced or recharged regularly. The refrigerant can leak out of the unit if there is damage to the lines or if the connection is not sealed properly. You want to make sure you find and address the source of the leak before you recharge the unit or the refrigerant will keep leaking out. The repair can usually be made by a technician as well as the recharging if they are able to locate that this is the reason for the problem. You will not be able to know if a leak is the reason until you have a professional out to look at the unit.

Dirty AC Coils

Another part of the system that is responsible for the cooling of the air are the coils. The coils are used to pull the hot air that is in the house to the outside. Then the cooled air is sent back in the house. The coils needs to be in good shape and clean in order to work efficiently. If they are caked with dirt they may not be able to work and the air will remain hot. You want to make sure that the technician is able to look over the coils and ensure that they are cleaned. If they are dirty they can be cleaned and if they are damaged they will need to be repaired.

Electrical Problems with Air Conditioning Unit

When you are looking at the problems causing the AC unit to not blow cold air then you have to consider the electrical system. There are lots of wires and connections that need to be solid in order for everything to work. If there is a wire that has come loose, it can lead to the fan not moving and the air not circulating. Be sure to call out a technician that can determine what the cause is.

Central Air Conditioning Repair & More in Springfield, Missouri

Hynes Heating & Cooling can come out to your home and determine and correct what is causing warm air to blow from your AC unit. Call us today to meet with one of our experts.

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